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The Baden Davis Crane Connection was formed in 2010 when the opportunity for Anthony Davis and Ben Baden to go into business together arose. “We had worked together with Bens Father (Gerhard) who taught us about the crane business and how to run a successful sales, service and repair facility. With this knowledge and experience we will continue to provide our future customers with the same level of service”.


Ben Baden Services was founded shortly after the original Baden family company (G.M.Baden) was sold at the end of an extremely successful crane dealership. G.M.Baden had become known as the number one crane dealership on the east coast and was renowned for servicing their clientele in a timely and professional manner and it is the intention of Ben Baden Services to continue that understanding. G.M.Baden was founded by Gerhard Baden and soon became the Liebherr mobile crane distributor in Australia. The success of this company was primarily superior service to its customers and ran on the ideal that service and sales go hand in hand. Quite simply, the better the service, the better the sales! At the end of that distributors agreement the company was sold and shortly after, Ben Baden Services

was created. This company was then granted the opportunity to begin again with a distributors agreement through the Link-Belt product, an opportunity that was grasped with both hands.

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