Accident and structural repair

Ben Baden Services is the number one accident damage and structural repair facility in the country and this is proven by the fact that we are the preferred repairer for the main crane insurance companies in the country. Our structural steel welders are being constantly re trained and recertified and most recently underwent training to be I.S.O certified to weld fine grain quenched and tempered high strength steel. We source our materials from the same place the manufacturers do and all of our structural repairs are independently weld tested, overload tested and certified.

We specialize in telescopic boom section repair and re fabrication and also lattice boom repair and re fabrication. The repair is then repainted in our facility and delivered back to you in like new condition. 

We do all makes and models of structural repair and re fabrication and you will often find us a faster and more economical alternative to the manufacturer, for the exact same quality!!!

GMK 4100 Before.

GMK 4100 After.